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An easy, fun and engaging reminiscence activity shown to have positive memory benefits in retirement living settings

A novel reminiscence program centered around HippoCamera

Whether you’ve got a structured reminiscence program in your retirement living or homecare organization, or if you want to introduce one, HippoCamera is unique! Developed by experts in cognitive psychology and neuroscience, HippoCamera has been shown to boost memory for specific events by over 50% and sharpen activity in the hippocampus, the area of the brain responsible for taking recent memories and making them last for the long term.

As we age, the hippocampus can become less effective, especially when a diagnosis of dementia or Alzheimer’s is involved. The platform works with cognitively normal individuals and those with a memory deficit - leading to a significant boost in recall for important life events.

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Reminiscence, with a difference!

HippoCamera is the only neuroscience-guided, personalized platform that combines enjoyable reminiscence activities with demonstrated memory benefits.

Deepen social connections

Staff can schedule fun, group reminiscence sessions where individuals share their memories to create a focal point for social interaction.

A community building activity

We’ve developed and tested programs in a retirement living environment that foster positive involvement between residents and with staff.

Caring for elder

Our story: Dementia, Memory, and Connection

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What people are saying about our reminiscence program

A lot of caregivers are asking ‘How do we keep going with a loved one and maintain a meaningful relationship?’ HippoCamera is a way to share memories and maintain connection.

- Geriatric residential living executive director

I really enjoyed the HippoCamera reminiscence program. The events were happy memories and it was a joy to review them.

- HippoCamera Reminiscence Program Participant

This is a tool that can sustain and deepen relationships. It facilitates conversation. Instead of asking a basic question like ‘What did you do today?’, HippoCamera lets us have a more meaningful conversation about specific events.

- Long-term care senior executive

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